Communities, Consultation and Coordination Regulator

Job Title: Communities, Consultation and Coordination Regulator
Location: London
Category: AAA
Type: Permanent Full-time
Salary: £50,000 - £60,000pa, dependent on experience
Reference #: VN1651, 1652
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Job Description

The CAA - Enhancing Aviation Safety Through Better Regulation

The CAA is the UK's specialist aviation regulator. Through its skills and expertise, the CAA is recognised as a world leader in its field. Our activities are diverse and ensure that the aviation industry continues to meet the highest safety standards and is able to operate in a modern and efficient airspace.

The role

  • -Oversee airspace change sponsor’s engagement work – predominantly discussing and verifying Consultation & Engagement Plans of Stage 3 of the Airspace Change Process (ACP).


  • -Undertake, and when necessary coordinate the Airspace Specialist’s (Coordination), assessment of airspace change sponsor’s consultation activity/output at the ‘Consult Gateway’ of the ACP, to determine if process requirements have been met.
  • -Undertake, and when necessary coordinate the Airspace Specialist’s (Coordination), assessment of airspace change sponsor’s final consultation material submitted for decision to the CAA in accordance with the ACP, to determine if process requirements have been met.

  • -Ensuring a cohesive approach and a cross CAA understanding of important airspace issues, community engagement and airspace related correspondence.

  • -To provide advice and guidance to both CAA and the wider aviation industry on appropriate mechanisms for engaging diverse audiences, such as other aviation stakeholders, communities and representative bodies; with particular focus on communities impacted by aircraft noise.

  • -Contribute to the formulation of UK policy on AR airspace regulatory requirements.


What we’re looking for

  • -Excellent communication skills, including the ability to translate complex information into legible formats and content for non-technical audiences and a confident manner in dealing with people at all levels within CAA, industry and related bodies.

  • -Strong strategic skills for effective engagement, across a range of styles.

  • -Evidence of successful implementation or leadership of related activities such as raising awareness, scenario-building, large scale consultations, research and evidence-building, and developing tools for effective participation.

  • -Qualification recognised by the Consultation Institute would be an advantage.

  • -Airspace and ATM knowledge, in particular knowledge of air traffic control (to have or have held an ATCO, civil or military license or a pilot/ navigator qualification would be desirable).


If that sounds like you, please get in contact.


Interview Dates: Week commencing 8th January 2018


Closing Date: 2nd January 2018

This position is now closed and no longer accepting applications.

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