We are genuinely committed to supporting all our people to develop.

At the Civil Aviation Authority, you will be encouraged to explore and realise your personal and career potential through on-the-job learning, professional qualifications and regular performance reviews. To achieve our goal – and yours – we use a selection of mechanisms, including training, mentoring and secondments.

Building a career

The CAA offers many different roles with lots of scope to build a varied, interesting and challenging career. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills and expertise to enable them to apply for a wide range of internal vacancies, whether they are permanent roles, secondments or projects.

We also have links to job vacancies in other regulatory bodies and actively support international secondments, most frequently to EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency) and ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organisation).

Opportunities to learn

We offer a wide variety of more structured learning programmes.

• A range of open training programmes are available to all employees.

• We offer a targeted programme for frontline managers to develop their skills, including coaching, motivating a team and effective delegation.

• A senior manager programme is offered to people who are newly promoted into leadership positions and senior hires.

• Our top talent programme is targeted at those with high potential to prepare them for future leadership roles. It works by bringing cross-organisational groups together to lead on challenging projects, supported by coaching and mentoring.

Individual development needs are identified and monitored through our performance management process.

Professional development

The CAA supports a range of continuing professional development (CPD) activities as required by the relevant professional bodies.

Technical training is arranged locally within the business areas and is driven by either the requirements of their role or professional development. Examples include refreshing pilot licences every 1-3 years (for those in regulatory roles) and advanced driving programmes, for those who drive extensively to work on-site at aerodromes.

Please note: The CAA employs a number of qualified pilots but we do not sponsor trainee pilots.

Performance and Development Conversation

The CAA engages colleagues in a continuous cycle of Performance and Development Conversations which allows colleagues to drive their own performance and development, using a simple and flexible approach to achieve their personal best. Each individual works with their manager to agree and track progress on challenging performance outcomes and aspirational development goals.  The emphasis is on the conversation to build a good understanding between the manager and colleague.  We are committed to rewarding strong performance through our recognition scheme.